Get Accurate, Up-to-Date Provider Listings


The Patient Experience Begins With What Appears Online

According to a recent Pew internet study, thirty (30) million people search online for a physician each month and 80% of the clicks are from the top five (5) search results. Clearly, it isn’t just important for providers to appear in the top searches.  The information contained in those top searches needs to be current and accurate.

The last scenario you want is for a potential patient to click on an online phone number that is no longer in service. Or, to have a new patient go to the wrong address because of old data they found on a third-party site.

How can you cost-efficiently control the information found on online third party healthcare listings? Sign on for LinkMD’s customized Profile Listings Management service.


The Better Solution To Managing Your Online Listings

LinkMD’s Profile Listings Management is a customized, cost-efficient monitoring service we offer healthcare systems and practices to assure your most accurate, self-generated information is appearing in online searches. The level of hands-on monitoring and interactive communication we provide is unmatched.

A LinkMD web marketing specialist is assigned to serve as a dedicated liaison between your staff and the top third-party healthcare listing sites to make sure they have your correct source information in place. We focus our efforts on those listings that matter the most in Healthcare –  Google + Local, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, HealthGrades Vitals, RateMD’s,  and more.

Assuring the Most Up-to-Date Information

Correct Contact Information
(Phone, Address, Directions)

Current Staff Changes/Additions

Verified Provider information

Verified Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations

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Avoid costly mistakes! Include our Profile Listings Management service to assure that the profile listings on your Physician Directory as well as on third-party healthcare sites contain all the correct information. Call 877-241-9666 or contact us with your questions.