We created a single, powerful database to make it easy for you to manage all of the information about your providers, practices and service lines. Each directory platform also comes with our superior SEO features and a standard “Find A Doc” application. We offer many additional products/services that can seamlessly integrate with our physician directory so that it can be customized to meet your needs. You can add videos, online appointment scheduling, reviews, ratings and recommendations to appear on your profiles, along with our exclusive reputation management monitoring program, links to your patient portal as well as include our BetterMatch “Find A Doc” solution. You’ll find we are competitive in our pricing for adding these products/services.
We know with the changes in healthcare that you are focused on many, many different areas of your organization. From your input, we’ve heard you don’t have time to get us the content we need. Part of our mission is to provide turnkey services that take the burden of implementation off our clients. When you contract with LinkMD, we send a team to your location to work through gathering the information from you, including one on one visits with Physicians, staff and other key personnel. We gather the information, spend time verifying the data, and work to build out the best, most complete profiles to improve your natural SEO. With LinkMD, rest assured that your information is managed by people, and not just “technology.”
Yes, there is a per physician charge for adding the BetterMatch component. A lot of hands-on involvement is required by our team to capture personality characteristics, patient experience qualifiers or hobbies and interests and to analyze and verify the BetterMatch data. Why add BetterMatch? It enables healthcare systems and practices the ability to take the traditional “Find A Doc” application to a deeper and much more intuitive level of matching.. We believe the better the match between provider and patient, the better the patient experience and the higher your patient ratings. Our goal is to help you build the best online reputation possible.
Yes. It is available as an added directory solution or a stand-alone product. All of our products/services seamlessly integrate with one another within our Physician Directory platform to help our clients build the most accurate, consistent and positive online presence possible. Our Reputation Management product is a two-fold solution that 1) Publishes the latest verified, most current ratings and reviews on each profile 2) Monitors and manages online comments as well as collect patient reviews as they leave your offices to help you proactively manage the online reputation of your physicians. When purchased in addition to the BetterMatch application, it becomes an even more powerful tool in helping you manage and build a positive online reputation.
Yes. Our goal however, is to be your turnkey provider of the easiest and most comprehensive physician directory on the market. That being said, ideally, a client would use all of our products to improve the accuracy of the information and the placement of their provider profiles through natural, organic search results. However, we understand that implementing everything is a lot of change at one time. We like to work with our clients to develop a planned solution that will give them optimal results and ROI.
Since we customize all of our solutions, the implementation times will vary.  At the onset of the project, we work with your team to develop a timeline that is both reasonable, and efficient for all parties involved.  At LinkMD, we pride ourselves on being a service-led organization. After that initial meeting, we schedule regular project updates to insure that we are meeting all milestones.  

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